alqemizt asked:

not my business but couldn't stop noticing on my dash, i'll just say if people would respect each others' beliefs this world would be much better, how can a simple argument about the power of gemstones to heal or not can end in this stupid thing? personally, i keep from both sides an open mind, because i respect and i am interested in both opinions. judging people for what they believe in or not is wrong. okay, just sayin'. i probably wasted my time here. take care.

Some people are never happy with compromise. Everything is their way or the highway. I conceded some points and posed an easily answerable question about legitimacy with regards to the standard methodology about separating reality from makebelieve and the anon called me an asshole.

If you can prove the truth, stop pussyfooting around and do it. I am patiently waiting for the anon’s considered response.

bravevesperia8 asked:

Exactly how do you excavate minerals? I've been trying to look up info on digging and finding, but have not found much.


Sometimes you need to give the host rocks a few good whacks, other times you have to brush away sand and hope like hell you haven’t broken anything too nice. Other times its metal detector work on a mine dump or just keeping your eyes peeled as you walk around.

Anonymous asked:

My god you're an asshole. I've read your replies lately and you are suuuuch an asshole. Also, you don't seem to be very open minded or educated, which I wouldn't expect from this sort of blog. Whatever tho. Take care.

OMG, hate mail! I’m at 14.6K followers and the internet FINALLY sends me some hate? And an anon no less. I must be doing good to finally have haters. Also, if this is about me no believing unproven things, by all means show me some applied scientific method.

capt-syvennia asked:

Okay how do you go hunting for your stones?? Like just pick a random spot and dig to no end??

Hell no, that’s for pros and I’m fairly certain they don’t do random. For the most part you have to go to a locality that other people have mentioned in the literature, scout around the place, and THEN pick a random spot. If I went to my backyard all I would get is 50 feet of sand. My yard has amazing drainage.

jkane6988 asked:

I have a firm beleif that certain stones have healing properties, do you agree? If so, what would you suggest for energy?

The way people present rocks& minerals as if they had healing properties is merely a nuisance. The people who perpetuate that mythology and treat it as fact annoy me. The people who use this to get some poor sap to buy their often overpriced tumbled quartz piss me off to no end.

I have seen no reason to believe that rocks themselves have any intrinsic healing properties(outside of being crushed, purified, and used as a medical ingredient). There is no evidence to suggest that placing rocks on yourself while you lay down has any effect other than having rocks on you. The effects experienced are due to the fact that you are meditating and the rocks are a psychological tool to that end.

I will say this though, for me going out and digging up rocks has a cathartic effect. I feel so much better after I go camping and smash a few boulders, dig a few holes, and get horribly filthy after a rainstorm drenches your dig site. That 4” pitch black smoky quartz from Colorado is a souvenir and a reminder of how much fun going up to 8000’ from 600’ and digging in thick muddy water for what I hoped was a big damn crystal. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of how fun that was and that is always soothing.

I’m going to revisit this train of thought at some point.